Discover Wôlinak, an Abenaki Community Steeped in History in Center-du-Québec

Discover Wôlinak, an Abenaki Community Steeped in History in Center-du-Québec

Nestled at the picturesque confluence of the Bécancour River, Wôlinak stands proudly as one of the historic Abenaki communities within the Waban-Aki Nation of Quebec. The name 'Wôlinak' translates to 'the river with long bends' in Abenaki language, reflecting the serpentine waterways used by the Abenaki people to traverse their hunting grounds in the 17th century.

Our rich heritage in Wôlinak dates back to the era of New France, where the Abenaki established their summer camps and embraced subsistence farming. Marked by the Bishop of Quebec's visit in 1681, Wôlinak grew as a vital Christian mission and a military outpost, supporting the French colony with their renowned expertise in forest combat.

Throughout the 18th century, Wôlinak served as a cultural hub for the Abenaki, fostering traditional practices and brotherhood among regional groups like the Sokokis and Wolves. Despite the turbulence of colonial transitions and the dispossession faced in the 19th century, the Abenakis of Wôlinak persisted, adapting to the changing tides while upholding their connection to the land through hunting, fishing, and agriculture.

As we embraced the 20th century, the Abenaki community saw a shift towards industrial development, complemented by a burgeoning service economy. Yet, the essence of Wôlinak remains in its unwavering commitment to the Abenaki culture, with nature-centric traditions continuing to thrive into the 21st century.

Explore the enduring legacy of Wôlinak and the Abenaki Nation, where history and culture converge amidst the beauty of Center-du-Québec.